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Your Out-of-the-Box Move Managers

Designing a Stress-free Moving & Packing Experience

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There are a few crucial lessons we’ve learned after a decade in the moving industry. And if you’re here, we’re guessing these will strike a chord for you, too:




Packing and organizing is often the most overwhelming part of moving.

Packing yourself is never actually free — you pay in missed work, sleep, and family time.

Asking friends to help you move rarely turns out well.

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Women on The Move owner Annmarie Linnane knew there had to be a better way. That’s why we are on a mission to eliminate the stress and overwhelm of relocating! Our team of highly trained professional packers and organizers is based in Swampscott, Massachusetts, and serves clients in the Boston, North Shore, and MetroWest areas. Every employee works directly for Women on The Move and is bonded and insured.

Your Architects of Moving™ provide a range of solutions, including:

  • Full or partial moves

  • Residential moves

  • Senior moves

  • Temporary relocations

  • Office relocations

  • Decluttering

  • Remodeling


Are you ready for a new kind of moving experience?

Women on the Move move managers

Our Approach


We practice close attention to detail in everything we do. We’ll pack, unpack, and set up your home, down to making the beds, hanging up your clothes, and setting up your kitchen!


Enjoy a higher level of care, from how we handle your possessions to the emotional support we offer. We’ll guide you on decisions and connect you to top-notch bonded and insured vendors.


We charge an hourly rate based on time and materials used, then calculate actual hours and perform a box count at the end of the move to ensure you’re charged fairly.

Annmarie Linnane went through 14 corporate relocations during her career as a pharmaceutical executive. She was all too familiar with the chaotic packing, the rough handling of her precious possessions, and the vacation time needed to supervise the movers. Then, the exasperation as Annmarie would walk into her new home piled high with boxes to unpack and organize.


Just after Annmarie’s fourteenth move, a woman approached her asking if she’d be interested in buying her business, Women on The Move. Annmarie purchased the company in 2010 and quickly got to work. Thanks to her personal experiences, professional knowledge of efficiencies and customer service, and a CEO’s business acumen, Women on The Move has risen to a leading woman-owned Massachusetts moving and packing company. 


Annmarie and her team now deliver the elevated move management experience she never had. As Your Architects of Moving™, we design client-centric, stress-free moves for clients relocating near and far.


Meet our team and get a free quote today!

Annmarie’s Story

Women on the Move Annmarie Linnane
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