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Moving Preparation & Clean-up Services

Time to Prep Before the Big Pack!

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Save Time

A few extra hours of prep and organization will save you time in the long run.

Save Money

More efficient packing and hauling reduce your moving costs!

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Before you can begin packing to move, you likely need to sort and clean out your entire home.

Clearing out every closet and room can be a slow, painful process. Plus, having a lot of clutter can significantly increase packing and hauling costs.


When we say we’ll design every step of your move, we mean from A to Z — starting with our pre-packing prep. Your moving concierge team provides an outside perspective to help you decide what belongings to take, donate, or discard. 


This prep before the “Big Pack,” as we like to call it, helps reduce:

  • Packing hours.

  • Moving hours (haulers typically charge hourly for local moves).

  • Moving weight and labor (long-distance haulers typically charge by weight, labor, and distance).

  • Overall moving expenses.

Client Testimonial

“After my elderly father had a stroke last year, my brother and I decided to move dad and his partner to an assisted living apartment. Clearing out his two-story house with an accumulation of over 50 years of things was impossible, especially since we live out of state. Enter WoTM to save the day! They took care of everything related to clearing out the house, sorting through dad’s belongings, putting items in storage, cleaning the house and leaving it in an immaculate, sale-ready condition. Best of all, they handled dad and his partner (and me!) with sensitivity and kindness. I highly recommend Women on The Move.”

- Amy, San Francisco, CA

Momen on the Move preparation and packingation and clean-up

Preparing for Your Move

During our moving prep process, one of our professional organizers will work with you to:

  • Take inventory of all furniture, art, and possessions in your living spaces.

  • Sort items to keep, give away (to family or charity), or discard.

  • Organize closets and rooms ahead of packing and moving days.

  • Organize your paperwork for the big move.


After just a few hours and a flat rate with no surprises, we will have your home organized and ready to move. Reach out today to discuss your packing and moving needs and get a free quote!

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