retirement home

Retirement Home Advantage

Are you part of the management team at an assisted living facility or retirement home?

Women on the Move, Your Architects of Moving provides services to meet the downsizing, packing, moving, unpacking, and complete home set-up needs of your residents as they settle in to begin their new lives in your community.

We help you, the Retirement Home Manager, by easing your client’s transition from a home and lifestyle they’ve enjoyed sometimes for decades.

At Women on The Move, we’ve helped hundreds of clients manage the difficult transition of downsizing and moving, including:

  • Letting go of many treasured possessions.

  • Managing the stressful process of working with movers/haulers.

  • Adjusting to a smaller living space.

  • Adjusting to living alone.


  • We handle 90% of your clients’ downsizing and moving transition, while haulers/movers manage just 10%.

  • We work with all professional haulers/movers and we’re also happy to make recommendations from our list of preferred providers.

  • We’ve completed over 600 moves into retirement homes.

  • Our unique Pack/Move/Unpack/One-day approach reduces stress and saves time and money.

  • We remove all moving and packing materials from your facility.

  • Our experienced move managers provide physical and emotional support.

  • We provide complete space planning services.

  • We thoroughly identify and catalogue our client’s belongings.

  • We handle the disbursement of no-longer needed items, whether to family or as charitable donations.

  • We arrange estate sales of your client’s belongings as needed.

Women on The Move guarantees:

  • All items are placed exactly where your client wishes or requires.

  • Home set-up will be complete, from fully functioning kitchens and bathrooms, to clothes hanging in the closet. We even make the bed.

In short, we ensure a highly professional orchestration of moving.

Testimonials from clients

Thank goodness for Women on The Move! Do not underestimate the value of having
the packing supplies removed once unpacked. Thank you all.”

~ Susan, Hamilton, MA