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Senior & Retirement Moving Services

Certified Senior Move Managers with a Gentle Touch


Ease the


Let us guide you through this challenging time.

Trust the


We have completed 1,000+ moves into retirement homes.

Lighten the


We’ll help you sort and disperse possessions as you downsize. 

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Not all moves are celebratory.

Letting go of beloved items and heirlooms…


The recent loss of a loved one…


Moving an elderly relative into a retirement home or assisted living…


Adjusting to a smaller living space or living alone…


These can all complicate the moving process. But when you trust Women on The Move to be your senior move managers, we will ease the transition from your current home and lifestyle to the next chapter.

Client Testimonial

" I must sing praises to WoTM. The team were a total SUPERSTAR!!! From day one, they walked in and very courteously took the biggest moving concerns completely out of our hands. They are simply The Best and a total Class Act!" 

- Laurie, who moved her sister Sally into community Senior Living

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Senior Moves

We are certified with the National Association of Senior Move Managers and will help you create a custom blueprint for a smooth move. To reduce your time and stress, we will: 

  • Pack your entire home or desired rooms.

  • Oversee your movers and make recommendations from our list of preferred providers if needed.

  • Manage documentation and catalog your belongings.

  • Handle donations to family or charities.

  • Coordinate with estate sale experts.

  • Unpack, organize, and set up your new home to your liking.

  • Remove all moving and packing materials.


By the time we are done, our senior clients can simply settle in and focus on themselves.

Senior & Retirement Moving Services

With Women on The Move as Your Architects of Moving™, we will provide both physical and emotional support as you downsize. Pick and choose from our services below, whether you’d like us to manage the entire move or select tasks.

WoTM Multi-Tier chart

You don’t have to handle the move on your own.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a free quote!

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